About Mike Drew

Mike Drew is a self-taught vocalist and pianist residing in Los Gatos, California. Mike was always passionate about music when growing up but did not seriously embrace the piano until his senior year at Saratoga High School. Mike learned to play Beethoven’s 5th Symphony with the help of a friend after only a few sessions at his house in 1999. Playing the chords in that song was all Mike needed to kick start his piano career.

After a few years of navigating the piano and learning many new chords and keys, Mike began writing and singing songs. One of Mike’s first songs, ‘Mary’, was inspired by the life of his amazing Grandmother Mary. The experience of writing and performing that song for family and friends inspired and motivated Mike in his continuing pursuit to create meaningful and fun music.

In 2003, Mike traveled to Tennessee on a baseball scholarship to play with the Railsplitters at Lincoln Memorial University. There he realized his love for music had become his passion. The influence of Mike’s friends and his experiences with the locals living in Eastern Tennessee gave Mike a new appreciation for music and has led him to his love of country music.

Mike returned to Northern California in 2005 and bounced around a few recording studios looking for the right sound that would help him recreate the musical experiences that he had grown to love. Mike eventually ran into Kenny Schick of Basement 3 Productions. There he found the right producer who could help him capture his sound. Mike now lives with his wife and two children, with one on the way, in Los Gatos, California, and continues to write and record at Basement 3 Productions Studios. Mike Drew is very proud of his recently released album “Maybe it’s the Whiskey” which paints a perfect picture of Mike’s first year in the Cumberland Gap Mountains in Harrogate, Tennessee.